Apply NOW for the African Future Leaders Fellowship (Cohort 2)

Article : Apply NOW for the African Future Leaders Fellowship (Cohort 2)

Apply NOW for the African Future Leaders Fellowship (Cohort 2)

The African future Leaders Fellowship (AFLF) is a bold initiative to develop changemakers for the continent and inspire young Africans to be solution oriented, entrepreneurial-minded and value led leaders.  The program, which launched its first cohort in September 2018 will this year seek to offer training to 100 tertiary students and recent graduates between the ages of 18 – 25.

We had a chat with Belinda Akoto, Programs Director of the AFLF to learn about the vision and benefits of the program.

Kindly tell us briefly about yourself

My name is Belinda Akoto. I am proud Ghanaian from the Ashanti region and the wife of an extraordinary man. I am the eldest of 2 girls. My first degree was at the University of Ghana and my second degree was at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am in the process of building my career but currently, I work for Harlem Children’s Zone in Manhattan and also double as the programs director for the African Future Leaders Fellowship.

 Tell us about the African Future Leaders Fellowship and the vision for this initiative?

The African Future Leadership Fellowship (AFLF) is a social enterprise solving the needs of Tertiary students and Senior High students.  We organize mentoring/ youth empowerment programs for students in the Tertiary and Senior high school with our current cohort focused on tertiary students. The program aims at offering a holistic mentoring & skills training in Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership among others to young Africans between the ages of 18 & 25.
Do you remember how you felt when you were about completing the senior high school or the university? I remembered how I felt, for SHS, I was scared of what the university life will be like but was very excited about moving to the next stage in life and being considered an adult lol but the feeling is totally different when you are in your finals at the university. You are more terrified of the unknown. You are unsure of when you will get a job. or even how to begin the job search. If you have a business idea, there is very little chance of finding a guiding hand to help you succeed. Most often the reality turns out to be even worse after school.  This is the problem the AFLF seeks to solve, to empower young Africans for the corporate world and connect them with mentors to offer guidance.

What is the structure of the AFLF?

Our program is based on 3 pillars:

1. 3 months online mentoring & training

The mentoring/ training is based on 6 modules which are:
– purpose & vision
– Leadership
– Networking and Relationship
– Financial Literacy
– Career Development
– Entrepreneurship.
Each module is handled by a seasoned mentor who is a master in their field of work. These modules have been designed to prepare the tertiary student for the corporate world after graduation and also empower them to start their own businesses and organizations.

2. Community Project

As Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University, Ghana has said, ‘We don’t need more agitators in Africa. We need more problem solvers.’ Our aim through the African Future leaders fellowship is to raise up solution oriented, problem solving young leaders for Africa. Through the community project, Fellows apply the skills they have gained through the training to a community project in their country.

3. Digital Skills Training

Many young people lack the digital skills crucial for success in today’s workplace. The digital skills training is aimed at helping fellows acquire certification in relevant digital skills based on their career path.
At the end of the program, fellows receive a certificate and become part of our community of solution-oriented young African leaders.  You can apply for Cohort 2 of the fellowship program here.

What have been some of your successes & challenges so far?

Our success stories have been the positive results that we see in our graduated fellows. They are out there being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. They are making a major impact in their communities in their own small ways. Another success has been the ability of the impact of the training on the preparedness of our fellows for the job market and their renewed interest in entrepreneurship.
Our challenges have been many but a major one has been the access to affordable internet for most of our fellows. Internet is expensive in their various countries and also unstable and unreliable. This makes it difficult for some fellows to follow the course through to the end. Another major challenge has been getting more partnerships with corporate organizations.

What are some benefits fellows for Cohort II stand to gain?

Some of our amazing rewards are .: support with information(application & financial aid) on studying abroad, free website for outstanding business/ blog ideas, free certified digital training, holistic training for career development a and entrepreneurship, Q&A live sessions with successful entrepreneurs & professionals, become part of a rich network of outstanding young Africans and many more. And before I forget… Can I get a drum roll for this reward ……… The best fellow gets  awarded with our SURPRISE GRAND  PRIZE 😉
Visit to apply for Cohort 2


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Dear Sammy,
This is well received with thanks.
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